Count Dooku vs Kylo Ren

Suggested by Sonic Kylo Ren grew fairly strong in the Force even if Rey was able to take him on without a whole lot of formal training. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is fairly unique and he has enough Sith abilities to be called a full fledged fighter but Dooku is still in a world of his own when it comes to technique. He’s definitely not the kind of guy who will be falling to Kylo. Dooku has taken on both Anakin and Obi teaming up in the past. I don’t see Kylo surviving for long against him. Count Dooku wins.

Zangief vs Kylo Ren

Suggested by iKnowledge Kylo Ren returns to the fray to take on one of the most iconic Street Fighter characters. Zangief is iconic, but that doesn’t mean he is one of the more powerful members. He’s a grappler type so he overwhelms his opponents with pure power as well as grabs. This makes for a pretty potent combo. Still, it’s not very wise against a fighter who uses a sword like Kylo. The Lightsaber will cleave right through Zangief and it’s unlikely that the hand to hand fighter will have any way to stay out of range. He has a mech form which gives him fire breath but it won’t do much against Kylo’s Force shields. Kylo Ren wins.

Meetra Surik vs Kylo Ren

Suggested by iKnowledge Kylo Ren is a pretty tough Sith fighter and he certainly gets a lot of hype. That said, while he did have some pretty good moves in the films, he was also in a stalemate with people who had only been fighting for a matter of days with a Lightsaber. In the meanwhile Meetra was able to defeat two Sith Lords by herself along with an entire temple filled with other Sith warriors. She was able to give herself over to the Force completely and unlocked abilities that few have matched. I don’t believe Kylo would be ready to face such a veteran warrior. Meetra Surik wins.

Kylo Ren vs Dark Vader

Kylo Ren is completely outclassed in every facet of this fight. He really doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance against a foe as impressive as Dark Vader. Yes, everyone calls him Darth Vader, but I always used this term since I was a kid and never wanted to change it. It sounds hardcore and regardless, I still cannot respect Kylo Ren as a villain or as a character. He just came across as very weak and helpless. That’s essentially what he would be feeling during this fight as well since Dark Vader would effortlessly overpower him and take the win within seconds. Dark Vader wins.