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Zangief vs Kylo Ren

Suggested by iKnowledge Kylo Ren returns to the fray to take on one of the most iconic Street Fighter characters. Zangief is iconic, but that doesn’t mean he is one of the more powerful members. He’s a grappler type so he overwhelms his opponents with pure power as well as grabs. This makes for a pretty potent combo. Still, it’s not very wise against a fighter who uses a sword like Kylo. The Lightsaber will cleave right through Zangief and it’s unlikely that the hand to hand fighter will have any way to stay out of range. He has a mech form which gives him fire breath but it won’t do much against Kylo’s Force shields. Kylo Ren wins.

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Super Skrull vs Zangief

Suggested by Sonic Zangief is pretty strong among the Street Fighter characters. Unfortunately for him he has not gotten a whole lot from the spinoff games which will hurt him. Unlike Ryu and Akuma, Zangief just hasn’t shown anything beyond the realm of the mortals. Super Skrull has the powers of the Fantastic Four which means that he is faster and stronger than Zangief. There’s really no way this grappler will be able to effectively get in close to end this. I’m afraid he’s out of luck here. Super Skrull wins.

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Kidomaru vs Zangief

Suggested by Sonic Kidomaru is very good with a bow and also has heightened physical abilities that really help him out in a close fight. That being said, it will not be enough to deal with someone on the level of Zangief so he’ll want to stick to the run and gun tactics. That is what will ultimately win him the day. Zangief really has no long range options which will prove quite fatal to his chances of victory here. He simply won’t be able to keep up with Kidomaru and that’s really going to be an issue for him. Kidomaru can also slow Zangief down with the webbing that he can shoot out. Kidomaru wins.

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Zangief vs Superman

Zangief is back, but this time he’s up against the Man of Steel! Superman’s incredibly powerful and with his epic speed Zangief won’t be able to catch him. Zangief’s a good hand to hand fighter, but Superman can stay far away and spam his energy attacks. Zangief just couldn’t win this round. Superman wins.

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Bass vs Zangief

Zangief made it too the 1-0 section, but I’m afraid it’s time for him too take a fall. Nobody lasts in the 1-0 section without being broken in by Bass! Bass is the strongest being in all of media and cannot be defeated. Bass’s power has no limits and he can do anything. Bass will one day crack 1000 wins! Bass wins.

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Zangief vs Beast

Beast is back, but he’s fighting Zangeif, who also has the power of Mecha Zangief! In that form Zangief gains projectile based attacks. Well only one, but that’s what counts. The Beast is very fast and strong, but Zangief is very durable and can take anything that’s thrown at him. Zangief is a true warrior. Zangief wins.