Voldemort vs Godzilla

Suggested by Destroyer Voldemort is a skilled spell caster who really put Harry Potter through the ringer. His spells are very formidable and talent like his only arrives once in a very long while. That being said, I don’t see how he will do ,udon against Godzilla. I don’t think his spells will even rally hurt the Kingof the Kaiju. One Atomic Breath blast will be enough to end he march in an instant and Voldemort will not be able to dodge for long. Godzilla wins.


Voldemort vs Searchman

Suggested by Megapot Network It’s time for another Megaman BN vs Harry Potter verse battle. Voldemort has a lot of spells, but he has earned the nickname Moldy Voldy for a reason. He simply isn’t very fast so Searchman can easily snipe him from afar. Voldemort can’t move quick enough to dodge and even launching an attack in time will be difficult. He’s just really outmatched in this fight and won’t be able to do much. Searchman wins.

Shademan vs Voldemort

Suggested by Megapot Network Voldemort is a tough sorcerer who is fairly high tier from the Harry Potter characters. However, that isn’t quite good enough to deal with someone like Shademan. Shademan is a powerful Darkloid who has enough power to one shot S rank fighters. I doubt Voldemort’s spells would even hurt this guy. His durability has been proven many times before. Shademan wins.

Lazerman vs Voldemort

Suggested by Megapot Voldemort has some powerful spells at his disposal. A single hit could actually deal some serious damage. Still, it’ll be tough for him to land any kind of hit thanks to Lazerman’s superior speed. Lazerman can dash around all of Voldemort’s attacks with ease while the same can’t be said for Voldemort. He’s too old to really dodge anything and the difference in speed will be lethal here. Lazerman wins.

Rick Grimes vs Voldemort

Suggested by Destroyer Rick Grimes is a tough dude. He has been fighting zombies for a very long time and he never lets the grit get to him. That being said, his gun and knife won’t be quite as useful against a master spell caster like Voldemort. One quick spell and it will all be over. If only Rick had taken the time to learn magic. Voldemort wins.

Voldemort vs Falzar

Lord-Voldemort-lord-voldemort-24011691-1904-814 (1)
Suggested by Destroyer Falzar claims victory in a similar way as Cyber End Dragon. Both of them have some good projectiles and can fly. Voldemort has some good spells, but it will be difficult for any of them to land due to Falzar spamming lasers in this fight. Voldemort only being equal to a human physically is his biggest problem to overcome in these matches. It is a liability that powerful foes will exploit and Falzar is certainly powerful. Falzar wins.

Voldemort vs Cyber End Dragon

Suggested by Destroyer Voldemort is a powerful sorcerer even if he did end up losing to a kid. His spells are enough to destroy a human in one shot, but how would they fare against a giant robotic dragon? Not too well I’d imagine and they definitely couldn’t break through Cyber End’s intense array of lasers. That will prove to be too much for Voldemort and he doesn’t have enough speed to dodge the blasts. This match really comes down to the fire power and their respective strengths are on different levels. Cyber End Dragon wins.

Voldemort vs Lucifer

Lord-Voldemort-lord-voldemort-24011691-1904-814 (1)
Voldemort has some pretty good energy blasts at his disposal and most of them will instantly cause death to the average mortal. Lucifer is no mortal though and he is one of the tougher demons that Ghost Rider faced back in the day. His Hellfire should have an immediately lethal effect on Voldemort and no spell will save the villain at that point. In a battle between demons, the one with the larger fireblast may end up taking the edge, in most cases. Lucifer wins.

Voldemort vs Melkor

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Voldemort has some pretty powerful spells at his disposal, but I have to question just how effective they will be against Melkor. Melkor is a sorcerer as well and his armor is quite durable. One hit from Melkor’s axe would surely defeat Voldemort although one spell should have a similar effect if it can get past Melkor’s armor. I have to question whether the spells can in fact do this and thus, I give Melkor the edge here. He can charge into the fray and quickly press his advantage. Melkor wins.

Voldemort vs Unicron

Lord-Voldemort-lord-voldemort-24011691-1904-814 (1)
Voldemort is the next fighter to go down when faced with such a powerful opponent. Unicron is practically a force of nature as his abilities transcend what we previously thought was possible. There have been many Transformers through the years, but there are not many who come close to his levels of power. A single energy blast would be enough to take Voldemort down once and for all! Unicron wins.