Voldemort vs Mario

Suggested by Destroyer Voldemort has quite a lot of magical abilities at his disposal. Using these powers he can certainly give Mario a hard time. That said, Mario has a lot of power ups, some of which would make him too quick to be struck by any of those abilities. Voldemort has a lot of power but he’s a glass cannon in the sense that there isn’t a whole lot he can do against an opponent with Mario’s speed and he can’t endure the counter blow. Mario just needs one good hit to win. Mario wins.

Voldemort vs Darth Sidious

Suggested by jordypresto0418 Voldemort has a lot of good magical spells at his disposal but none of them will be able to take down Darth Sidious. What gives Sidious the big advantage here is his sheer speed and the powerful Force abilities he has. He will be able to zip in and strike Voldemort down before the sorcerer even has a chance to counter attack. That’s why speed is such a powerful asset to have at your disposal. Voldemort’s regeneration won’t be enough against a lightsaber combo attack. Darth Sidious wins.

Solomon Kane vs Voldemort

Suggested by iKnowledge Solomon Kane is definitely a solid fighter and he would be able to crush Voldemort if he gets in close enough. Voldemort won’t let that happen though as he knows a great array of deadly spells and a single shot would be enough to vaporize Kane. As strong as Solomon is, he has no real defense against magical abilities the likes of which Voldemort possesses. This guy’s just in a different league. Voldemort wins.

Voldemort vs Moguera

Suggested by Destroyer Moguera is a pretty powerful robot. While it is true that he isn’t quite strong enough to take on most of the other Godzilla Kaiju, he could still destroy Voldemort with a single strike. The spells could potentially deal some damage, but I’m confident that Moguera could tank the attacks. It doesn’t matter much though because Moguera can likely dodge thanks to his flying skills or just use a big laser to start off. Moguera wins.

Wendy Marvell vs Voldemort

Suggested by iKnowledge Voldemort is one of the most well known Harry Potter characters out there. His reputation is well deserved as most of his spells tend to be lethal. That being said, I think he is definitely outmatched against Wendy. Her physical strength and speed easily surpass his own stats. That means that he will be unable to land any actual hits on her. Meanwhile he can’t endure too many of her own moves. Wendy Marvell wins.

Voldemort vs Cyber Shredder

Suggested by Destroyer Cyber Shredder is a pretty skilled fighter. He know show to dodge attacks so Voldemort’s attacks won’t really be of much use here. He’ll simply be outmaneuvered throughout the match and one hit would be enough to take the sorcerer down. The problem with Voldemort is that he’s the ultimate glass cannon. There really isn’t much that he can do to even stay in the game here. I’m afraid that it’s all over for him now. Cyber Shredder wins.

Voldemort vs Godzilla

Suggested by Destroyer Voldemort is a skilled spell caster who really put Harry Potter through the ringer. His spells are very formidable and talent like his only arrives once in a very long while. That being said, I don’t see how he will do ,udon against Godzilla. I don’t think his spells will even rally hurt the Kingof the Kaiju. One Atomic Breath blast will be enough to end he march in an instant and Voldemort will not be able to dodge for long. Godzilla wins.

Voldemort vs Searchman

Suggested by Megapot Network It’s time for another Megaman BN vs Harry Potter verse battle. Voldemort has a lot of spells, but he has earned the nickname Moldy Voldy for a reason. He simply isn’t very fast so Searchman can easily snipe him from afar. Voldemort can’t move quick enough to dodge and even launching an attack in time will be difficult. He’s just really outmatched in this fight and won’t be able to do much. Searchman wins.

Shademan vs Voldemort

Suggested by Megapot Network Voldemort is a tough sorcerer who is fairly high tier from the Harry Potter characters. However, that isn’t quite good enough to deal with someone like Shademan. Shademan is a powerful Darkloid who has enough power to one shot S rank fighters. I doubt Voldemort’s spells would even hurt this guy. His durability has been proven many times before. Shademan wins.

Lazerman vs Voldemort

Suggested by Megapot Voldemort has some powerful spells at his disposal. A single hit could actually deal some serious damage. Still, it’ll be tough for him to land any kind of hit thanks to Lazerman’s superior speed. Lazerman can dash around all of Voldemort’s attacks with ease while the same can’t be said for Voldemort. He’s too old to really dodge anything and the difference in speed will be lethal here. Lazerman wins.