Solomon Kane vs Voldemort

Suggested by iKnowledge Solomon Kane is definitely a solid fighter and he would be able to crush Voldemort if he gets in close enough. Voldemort won’t let that happen though as he knows a great array of deadly spells and a single shot would be enough to vaporize Kane. As strong as Solomon is, he has no real defense against magical abilities the likes of which Voldemort possesses. This guy’s just in a different league. Voldemort wins.

2 thoughts on “Solomon Kane vs Voldemort

  1. I would and could still give Solomon Kane the win. Robert E. Howard’s magic is probably more powerful than Rowling’s magic, and more dangerous. Don’t completely judge Kane by his movie.

    • True, movies usually make the characters quite a bit weaker. The magic spells each fighter has could probably destroy the opponent if the attack lands so it becomes a pretty quick, but lethal battle. If Kane gets the first shot I could see him taking the win as well

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