Geralt vs King Kong


Suggested by iKnowledge Geralt is a known monster slayer so taking on King Kong wouldn’t be the strangest thing he has done. That being said, he isn’t used to dealing with monsters quite as large and powerful as this King. Geralt’s feats aren’t quite good enough to suggest that he would have a real shot here. Maybe he could have beat some of the original King Kongs, but certainly not the recent one. Kong has simply become far too large and powerful to lose here. King Kong wins.

2 thoughts on “Geralt vs King Kong

  1. Thanks for this battle. I still think Geralt has a chance to win. He knows magic, and that should paralyze or hurt Kong. Even if King Kong could pull him apart or squeeze him inside his armor, Geralt could shoot him with arrows or use a polearm or lance to injure Kong. Either way, if we were to go by the video games: Kong would either be free or on display in Novigrad, with the displayer being enriched by the profit gained from putting him on display.

    • Absolutely! Paralyzing Kong is definitely his best bet, but the sheer size of Kong in his latest incarnation will make this tough. It’ll take a whole lot to paralyze Kong and while he is an easy target for the arrows, it’ll take a bunch to knock Kong out. Meanwhile Kong only needs one or two good hits to really take the fight out of Geralt and I think he’s fast enough to get the shots in

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