Maleficent vs Geralt

Suggested by Sonic Maleficent has some pretty solid abilities and has long been a thorn in the side of Sora and the other heroes. That being said, she won’t be able to keep up with Geralt physically. The guy has a very impressive array of spells at his disposal and can also move with great speed and power. His barriers will protect him from her attacks and additionally once he is in range there will be no way for her to escape. This is effectively a battle of mages and Geralt has the edge. Geralt wins.

Geralt vs King Kong


Suggested by iKnowledge Geralt is a known monster slayer so taking on King Kong wouldn’t be the strangest thing he has done. That being said, he isn’t used to dealing with monsters quite as large and powerful as this King. Geralt’s feats aren’t quite good enough to suggest that he would have a real shot here. Maybe he could have beat some of the original King Kongs, but certainly not the recent one. Kong has simply become far too large and powerful to lose here. King Kong wins.

Geralt vs Dragonite

Geralt is a pretty tough foe who has some energy abilities to complement his slight health regen and speed. He’s not an easy opponent to take on, but neither is Dragonite. The fact of the matter is that Dragonite is just better equipped to win this round. He has his patented Hyper Beam which will allow him to clear the match with ease and we also can’t forget about the fact that he has dozens of other abilities. Geralt will quickly be overwhelmed by Dragonite’s sheer power in this match. Dragonite wins.

Geralt vs Felix Jaeger

Suggested by iKnowledge Felix is back and boy has it been a tough time for him! Well, I have to say that it won’t get any easier here since Geralt is considerably more powerful. He has enhanced speed and strength to back him up. Felix is immortal, but that just isn’t quite as impressive. Especially since Geralt has a sword so staying alive won’t help Felix keep himself together. He’s just a little out of his league here and I’m afraid that the only outcome available to him here is a loss. Geralt wins.