Wasp Woman vs Maleficent

Suggested by Sonic Wasp Woman has greater strength than an average person but beyond that her abilities aren’t super impressive or anything like that. Maleficent has strong magical abilities and can even transform into a dragon. Wasps don’t do very well with fire so a quick flame blast would definitely end things here. There just wouldn’t be a way to defend against this for very long and escape is impossible thanks to Maleficent’s teleportation. Maleficent wins.

Maleficent vs Geralt

Suggested by Sonic Maleficent has some pretty solid abilities and has long been a thorn in the side of Sora and the other heroes. That being said, she won’t be able to keep up with Geralt physically. The guy has a very impressive array of spells at his disposal and can also move with great speed and power. His barriers will protect him from her attacks and additionally once he is in range there will be no way for her to escape. This is effectively a battle of mages and Geralt has the edge. Geralt wins.

Maleficent vs Aurora

This is a tribute to the second Maleficent film. While she did lower her guard a little too often Maleficent still looked pretty solid on the whole. Her magical abilities were definitely on a higher tier than the rest of the members of her group. Aurora took a lot of losses in the meantime as she lacked a strong will and always made the wrong decisions. In a fight I don’t see her lasting very long at all against Aurora. I believe she would quickly be defeated in a straight fight and has no real way to defend herself. Maleficent wins.

Maleficent vs She-Ra

Suggested by Sonic Maleficent is a pretty popular Disney villain who has also had a very big role in the Kingdom Hearts series. She’s got a lot of different magical abilities and can also transform into a dragon which is always a great skill to have. Meanwhile She-Ra has super strength and a sword that can vanquish evil. I think Maleficent will quickly find that She-Ra is too formidable of a foe to be brought down. Her speed and lethal power will make this match a quick one. She-Ra wins.

Maleficent vs Bass

This is a tribute to Maleficent. She nearly won this battle, but getting tricked by a human was just a little too much. This is why she won’t be able to defeat Bass since he is on to the ways of the humans. They cannot trick him or try to steal his powers. That would just result in their untimely demise. He has every combat advantage possible so this will be a short fight. Bass wins.