Wasp Woman vs Scorponok

Suggested by Sonic Wasp Woman may have some decent super strength but that’s really not going to be enough to win here. Scorponok still has the edge in overall firepower and is physically more powerful as well. In a battle between the two of them, the Wasp Woman just won’t be able to keep up and isn’t fast enough to dodge the attacks either. That means game over for her. Scorponok wins.

Wasp Woman vs Maleficent

Suggested by Sonic Wasp Woman has greater strength than an average person but beyond that her abilities aren’t super impressive or anything like that. Maleficent has strong magical abilities and can even transform into a dragon. Wasps don’t do very well with fire so a quick flame blast would definitely end things here. There just wouldn’t be a way to defend against this for very long and escape is impossible thanks to Maleficent’s teleportation. Maleficent wins.

Percy Jackson vs Wasp Woman

Suggested by Sonic The Wasp Woman has some decent super strength and speed so we can’t write her off right away. That being said, Percy got some massive power ups in time for the final book of the series which was sadly never adapted into a movie. He became effectively invincible in a fight so that no opponent could challenge him. The Wasp Woman would have no way to deal damage while Percy would win in a single move. The difference in their abilities is quite large at this point. Percy Jackson wins.

Wasp Woman vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer The Wasp Woman definitely has a cool design but I don’t think it will really help her too much Gigan can still win with a single blast. The Wasp Woman will have a tough time dodging since her speed isn’t anything special and the blast covers a very large range. It is definitely time for her curtain call. Gigan wins.

Wasp Woman vs Wasp

Wasp Woman 2
Have you ever seen the Wasp Woman film? Well, let’s just say that the Wasp Woman can be pretty lethal! One bite and most humans will be down for the count. Wasp can fire energy blasts which will keep Wasp Woman at bay and quickly drain her power. Wasp Woman is human level in her overall stats and she won’t be able to stop the Wasp. Wasp wins.