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Percy Jackson vs Blake

Suggested by Destroyer Blake hasn’t had a big fight in a while to show off her true power, but we know that she is still far ahead of Percy. Her speed was enough to help Adam take down an army of robots and in the tournament she performed well with the other members of team RWBY. I’m afraid that Percy will be getting speedblitzed for the entire match. The poor guy just doesn’t stand a chance. Blake wins.

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Pyrrha Nikos vs Percy Jackson

Suggested by Destroyer Percy uses a lot of metal so that isn’t a good idea against Pyrrha Nikos. His sword will be useless against her so he will have to resort to hand to hand combat and I don’t think that will do a whole lot. Pyrrha is a lot quicker than him so she will dodge his attacks with ease. Her attacks will hit hard and her aura will protect her from any counter attacks. Percy is out of tricks and now he is out of luck. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

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Percy Jackson vs Cinder


Suggested by Destroyer Percy Jackson may not seem like a very strong guy, but he actually became fairly powerful by the end of his book series. He was nearly indestructible in his final form. Too bad he doesn’t have the speed to match that as Cinder can easily fly rings around him. Her fire abilities would certainly still damage him as well. His healing factor will buy him some time, but not enough. Cinder wins.

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Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson

Suggested by Destroyer Harry Potter has a good array of spells at his disposal but Percy Jackson has super human abilities. He can move with super speed and his durability is on a different level. Harry can throw his spells, but it will be pretty easy for Percy to dodge them all and counter attack. Harry is unfortunately a one trick pony. Percy Jackson wins.

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Percy Jackson vs Medusa

Percy Jackson has fought Medusa in the past. He knows how to defeat her. While she has her KO move, he has a sword which is always more useful. One good slash and she’s down for the count. She just doesn’t have the speed too take care of him. Percy Jackson wins this round and rises up the ranks. Percy Jackson wins.