Dr Manhattan vs Bass

Dr Manhattan makes his blog debut. Dr Manhattan seems to be pretty tough, but in the end he can’t really take on Bass. Bass is a being of absolute power and cannot be defeated. Dr Manhattan may seem to be pretty much invincible, but he’s never fought a guy like Bass! One hyper earthbreaker and that could be it for Dr Manhattan. Bass wins.

190 thoughts on “Dr Manhattan vs Bass

  1. Basicly dr manhattan can do anything basides you could have high aboves all lose once and make everyone els lose one more time just accept it bass can’t beat everyone

    • Bass can beat anybody :straight: He’s proven it time and time again. Dr Manhattan is tough, but he’s not really much of a fighter. Like the One Above All. Bass is more of a fighter plus he’s invincible. High Aboves are High Aboves because they don’t lose, if they did it would defeat the purpose

  2. Firt off did you read it he wals on the surface of the SUN bass can’t any ways dr manhattan is invincible look him up anywatys he is 10000000000000000000000* stronger than toaa and he is not made out of cells he made out of well it’s to hard to explain but he’ll just get stronger


    Does anything he wants

    • Yeah, he’s definitely stronger than TOAA all right πŸ˜€ Thing is with powers like that, When you can do anything you usually don’t do enough. Know what I mean? He probably hasn’t fought hand to hand much has he? Basically Bass needs one good punch 😎

      • Well he stopped the Vietnam war in three moths he prob beat guys up with his fist also he prob beat them cause they got blind if his nakedness lol jk

  3. We’ll maybe he can do anything he wants really I don’t know how to post YouTube vids but check you’ll see dr manhattan can walk the surface of the sun can bass die of no oxygen well dr. M ( dr manhattan) doesn’t

    • Bass doesn’t need oxygen. He’s made of data so those things don’t work on him πŸ˜€ Walking on the sun’s good, but he can’t keep up with Bass’s speed!

  4. If he wants he can just teleport 400000000000000000000000000000000000000 mi away from bass and bass wouldn’t find him if he keeps doing that over and over again he’d be to tired and dr. M would create a black hole and throw bass in and bass still wouldn’t have dr. M’s abilities and dr m would get stronger every second

  5. No it would take him about three seconds as long as their is dr manhattan can go there so like I said black hole in comes bass

    • Bass is massively Faster than Light. Getting to Dr M would take an instant to matter where he went! Also Bass has been shown to break Black HOles so it wouldn’t work on him

      • Dr. M is so fast bass wouldn’t know where he went also what if dr. M traveled to another universe it would take bass a melenium to get there

      • Bass is a lot faster than Dr M and would find him. If Dr M goes to another Universe Bass can just blow up a hole through dimensions and follow him. Nowhere is safe

      • But than all of that creation would be lossed so bass must be heartless a heartless incredibly strong being of nature to kill every one in that universe

      • Oh yeah! Bass doesn’t mind destroying everybody if it means proving that he’s the strongest! That’s pretty much his goal, proving that he’s the best around! Nothing keeps him down πŸ™‚

      • Wow Dr. M was once like that if he still was they’d get along. Dr. M would then create humans for bass to face and prob some decoys of himself

  6. Okay bass isn’t as fast as dr manhattan dr manhattan is faster than any thing as Lon as there is area he can get there if bass does this 40 quadrillion times he’s bound to get tired dr manhattan will just erase him from everyone’s mind and erase him from even existing

    • Bass is much faster than Dr M! Bass has been shown to outspeed Megaman! He also can’t be erased from existence. He has the Get Ability. Plus Bass doesn’t get tired πŸ˜€

  7. Dr. M is indistructuble look him up in dr manhattan angle fire link I don’t know how to put links on so if you tell me I get it for you

    • Just copy and paste the link for it to work. Thing is, Nobody is indestructible in the end. Everyone has their limits and one big blast from Bass should finish him

  8. He stopped the Vietnam war in three months by himself he went to mars in an instant he created a city a his own humans without moving he could predict the future he turned a tank into a ball he can teleport he can just like blow people into bits he could do more he explains that in the movie but there was no need to be rud he can become as tall and small as he want he can fly he can create anything well that’s just a few things he did but he can do anything and he’s ageless

    • When I said that so tough part, I didn’t mean to be rude. Just thought it’d save you the trouble. Those feats you just mentioned are good, but the blowing people up part won’t work on the blog. I never believed in that power. Predicting the future is okay and teleporting is good, but one good punch from Bass should take him down

    • I dunno. I don’t even think he’s a planet buster personally. I know that he can teleport and stuff, but blowing up planets and universes is tough

  9. But it’s like Dr. M got to do what he wants man earlier I can’t believe you would compare him to TOAA but it’s true anyways. Bring bass to a higher level to beat toaa just kidding toaa can’t beat baby luffy

    • Yeah, TOAA is one of the weakest beings in all of media to be honest, no offense to him. He’s probably still a good character πŸ™‚ Dr M is good, but he can’t really do what he wants in this battle. Bass is far too powerful

  10. I know you like why you like bass *sigh* butt I think white beard should be on your high aboves and do white beard vs sanji

    • Well I’m mostly not getting any more High Aboves. Whitebeard is okay, but my favorite One Piece character is Zoro and even he isn’t a High Above anymore.

      White Beard vs Sanji Accepted πŸ˜€

  11. ooh! if Dr. Manhattan thinks he is strong, how about a match??
    Dr. Manhattan vs Virgo Shaka
    so, lets see how he likes it in 6 different types of HELL πŸ˜€

  12. probably yep πŸ™‚ with the 8th sense, basically, he can come back just as Bass can. and i really needed to request a match with Virgo Shaka. havent done that in a long time.

    • Yeah, don’t wanna forget about him while helping Gemini. If it helps your next match should be up later today πŸ˜€ Well this could give Virgo a good boost up the ranks

  13. Stop comparing him to TOAA Dr M can acually do anything so and little mr Dakota whatever you last name is look him freaking up he can do all thing so shut your mouth I don’t care if Dr. M losses that’s because mr bass is the best is siding with U I’m in a bad mood so that’s why I’m doing this

    • TOAA can technically do anything as well. We were only comparing them since they are both about the same. Dr M just happens to be stronger. Well Bass is the best when you think about it πŸ˜€ Nothing can stop him, also just like how Dakota gave him a loss you can give him a win. It’s all in the request fights, but maybe stop having him fight really tough guys like Doc Strange and Bass and give him some battles he’ll have a better shot at winning

  14. Oh and Botha Shaka will see dr m as hell itself and dr m would escape imedietly so again shut you uneducated moth and brain up you don’t know anything about Dr. M

    • You do know that Virgo Shaka is most likely gonna beat Dr M on the blog right? I already know who’s gonna win, but I don’t want to spoil the fight. It’s not that we’re underestimating Dr M, it’s just that he’s not quite as powerful. Virgo Shaka is stronger than Superman you know

      • Well then try requesting a fight where Dr M gets another win. You were having a lot of fun before, what happened? Was it because someone tried to drop Dr M? Because plenty of my characters have dropped at some point or another, you just gotta keep requesting. Also Dr M and Broly can’t be the only characters you like, so why not try helping some others

    • I don’t think I’d go that far. Implied power doesn’t really help on the blog. Neither can doing anything. Changing size and teleporting help a bit, along with seeing the future, but I think Superman takes the win due to enhanced speed and power

  15. TOAA is the weakest being that i know about I’d like to see Virgo Shaka survive all his atoms being destroyed and crushed and survive

    • But TOAA’s powers are identical to Dr M’s for the most part. Why do you find him weak? Also with Virgo Shaka’s speed Dr M would probably be dead before he could try that. Also if you mean he does that just by looking at Virgo then it won’t work

  16. Hmhm yeah he is faster than light so if he went sum where else than summoned it it wouldn’t work If you go online and type in dr manhattan then go down to where it says angelfire you’ll see he’s indistructuble and basides you fidn’t watch the movie I did so how would you know

    • “Dr. Manhattan controls matter. This gives him the ability to teleport himself and others great distances, alter his size, alter elements, project himself or his mind telekinetically, create clones of himself and exist in the past, present and future at once.”

      Those are his powers. While impressive, I’m not sure it’s enough to take down Superman. Superman is over 100 million times faster than light. So he still has the speed advantage. I didn’t see the movie, but I always do my research πŸ˜€

    • Butt the thing is how can he walk the surface of the sun without dying no one else can not even your precious little bass he has more powers than just those just so’s ya know

      • I guess he’s pretty durable if he can walk on the sun! Of course Bass could do that as well, since his barrier would protect him from getting burned. You do know that Bass is the strongest being in all of media right?

  17. You say that but i don’t even know why we’re arguing you can’t compare two different universes. You caculation would be incorrect android 17 has a barrier so apparently he can walk on the sun to so then also in naruto he can’t use get ability cause it’s impossible to copy there kekegenkis so bass loses obviously

    • I’d say Android 17 could survive on the sun 😐 As for Bass he can copy anything. Nothing is impossible for him to copy πŸ˜€ Also comparing 2 universes tend to happen a lot on debating sites like this. Otherwise how could we have the fights?

      • Easy we just say what ev they can fight each other but remember the calculation prob incorrect cause in there universe they could be really strong

      • Well, I try to keep my Accuracy at 100% for these fights. Let’s say it’s Mario vs Sonic. It doesn’t really matter where they fight much. Sonic will beat him if it’s in the Mushroom Kingdom or Uncle Scooge’s lab. They keep their powers. It’s not like they shift between universes right?

      • You are not getting it sonic obviously wins cause he has two power ups what I means is sasuke and zorro they are both swordsman and since zoro has three swords he would win right well that’s not the case is it

      • Sonic does kinda stomp 😎 Well it’s all in the skill. Sasuke is better with 1 sword than Zoro is with 3. He’s also much faster and stronger. It’s all in skill and accuracy πŸ˜€

      • Yeah, it’s how I’ve done all of the fights. I try too be as accurate as I can. If not it wouldn’t be fair to the fans now would it?

    • Yeah, which is definitely a good feat for him. It means he’s durable. Thinking about it Bass doesn’t need one either. He has instant regeneration so a little burn wouldn’t hurt him. Even without that the heat probably wouldn’t be enough to hurt him πŸ™‚

  18. Yeah right so if he fell in the sun you call that a little burn he’d melt it’s molten lava I’m at the theaters by the way

  19. so what your saying Dreager is that Dr.Manhattan is even Weaker then Magickarp, like TOAA? fun stuff, if u can tho, thats really not a good match after all.
    oh and Mr. Broly, you wanna talk smack to me, say it to my face. and i see that you said that Bass loses? Last I Recall, He Took on All of Media. now you’re telling me that this one being can overpower him, and all of Media?
    well, Gemini has a problem with that. how bout a match?
    Gemini Saga vs Manhattan
    now see, Manhattan has always had his senses, correct? well, they would be gone in a second.
    also, He would be completely Paralyzed. The only reasons he cant beat Bass is
    1. he can destroy himself and become stronger.
    2. he is made of Data, and does not have a nervous system.
    Maybe Im Wrong, maybe he is stronger, but thats not up to me.

    • Well I’m not sure I’d say he’d lose to Magickarp. Unlike TOAA he still does have some powers. He can turn big and small, teleport, and some other stuff. So he’s not quite as weak as TOAA.

      Gemini Saga vs Dr Manhattan Accepted!

      Well this should certainly getting exciting 😎

    • Acually I fell like smacking you if I met you I really would you really are in educated about people than besides I don’t like you so don’t talk to me ever again

      • Well remember. Most of the everything he can do doesn’t really count on the blog because he hasn’t actually done it

      • C’mon that’s no fun but he has blown people up and he has teleported and became big and small and a bunch of things

      • Yeah, but blowing people up by looking at them doesn’t work on the blog. I believe characters have freedom of choice and shouldn’t be blown up like that without a fight or a chance. I do count the teleportation and the size changes though πŸ™‚

      • Fine don’t blow em up …… ooooo please blow someone uuuuuuuuppppppppppp

  20. I’m talking to mrs. Dakota I know he’s a boy but it doesn’t matter he’s just a little girl to me what is he 2

  21. lol little girl Huh? You’re talking to a 6 ft. Giant of a man, 230 Lbs, star quarter back 4 years running, Straight A High Schooler.
    anyways now that we got that out of the way, Im sure Manhattan can grow up to the size of infinity, and it still wont be enough for a win.he can blast lasers, but he cant travel thru dimensions. see, Gemini opens Dimensions as soon as something is fired at him. so, it would be useless for his lil lasers.

      • correct. it just goes right thru him, leaving him and the armor undamaged.
        and Gemini Can live without a head. or a body so even if he did destroy Gemini, he would reappear much stronger.
        oh and thanks πŸ˜›

      • No prob πŸ™‚ Glad to see I’ve kept some of that Saga knowledge you showed me from his earlier fights πŸ™‚

      • yeah nice memory. alright, i have quite a few matches ready. wanna hear em?

      • Sure, add em in πŸ˜€ Time to see of what you’ve thought of this time! *sensing a Saga in there somewhere*

      • ok. Gemini Saga vs
        *Inhales big breath*
        batman, blasterman, blastman, bowlman, Captain kirk, daken, gateman, Gravityman, hatman, ichigo, jammingman, judgeman, knightman, magicman, meddy, metalman, napalmman, noodleman, numberman, prismman, punk, quickman, rideman, ring, robin hiid, roll, savageman, searchman, silk, skullman, spikeman, venom and videoman.

      • Gemini Saga vs Batman
        Gemini Saga vs Blasterman
        Gemini Saga vs Blastman
        Gemini Saga vs Bowlman
        Gemini Saga vs Captain Kirk
        Gemini Saga vs Daken
        Gemini Saga vs Gateman
        Gemini Saga vs Gravityman
        Gemini Saga vs Ichigo
        Gemini Saga vs Hatman
        Gemini Saga vs Jammingman
        Gemini Saga vs Judgeman
        Gemini Saga vs Knightman
        Gemini Saga vs Magicman
        Gemini Saga vs Meddy
        Gemini Saga vs Metalman
        Gemini Saga vs Napalmman
        Gemini Saga vs Noodleman
        Gemini Saga vs Numberman
        Gemini Saga vs Prismman
        Gemini Saga vs Punk
        Gemini Saga vs Quickman
        Gemini Saga vs Rideman
        Gemini Saga vs Ring
        Gemini Saga vs Roll
        Gemini Saga vs Robin Hood
        Gemini Saga vs Savageman
        Gemini Saga vs Searchman
        Gemini Saga vs Silk
        Gemini Saga vs Skullman
        Gemini Saga vs Spikeman
        Gemini Saga vs Venom
        Gemini Saga vs Videoman

        Yep, good ole Gemini’s gonna have a lot of matches coming up! Pretty good list πŸ™‚

      • True, not only would 30 wins do that, but Gemini Saga will probably make it into SUPER TAGS! Basically that means he’ll be one of the fighters who’ve fought the most in the blog. Out of over 2200 fighters he would be one of maybe 30 to make it. Pretty impressive!

      • haha Sweet! and as long as things go according to plan, he has a really high score of 5 losses and 60 wins. thats 1/12 πŸ˜€

      • yeah. lol which 5 fighters do you have in mind, that could beat Gemini? lol πŸ˜›

      • I don’t mean that he’d lose to 5…..just saiyan if he did….heh heh. 4’s a bit of a stretch anyway, to be honest he may only lose 2-3, I don’t think he’d lose 5 πŸ˜€

      • hmm, i wanna ask you. with all of Gemini’s abilities, what would you say his power level would be?

      • Oh……that’s tough. There aren’t many who go that high. I guess

        Virgo Shaka A-S Rank
        Goku S-! Rank
        Megaman S-! Rank
        Megaman SF A-S Rank

        Though if you’re thinking about challenging one of them….I just thought I’d warn you that these guys are extremely tough!

      • alright πŸ˜› well ill get you to change your mind about Gemini and get him to be stronger, then get a match.

      • Well I do think Gemini Saga is tough πŸ˜€ I didn’t say he’d lose all of those matches, just wanted you to be careful πŸ™‚

      • well yeah πŸ˜› of course. btw lets say you do agree that Gemini is Stronger then megaman, what do you do then? (just a situation)

      • ha yeah i was wondering. but i just used megaman as an example. didnt know you could overturn matches. well, how strong is dark megaman?

      • Dark Megaman is A-S+ Rank He’s extremely powerful!

        Yeah, I can overtur matyches at any given time. It basically happens if I think the victor isn’t the victor anymore πŸ™‚

  22. lol yeah πŸ˜› its butterfree mixed with primeape.
    but remember. machamp is only 4 foot 5
    goro is 9 ft 10

  23. yep πŸ˜› but machamp is pure power and cannot do complicated tasks, such as poking the enemies eyes. he flings fists faster then his brain can send them. so about 220 mph at least.
    how about echo-locating nocturnal flying mammal man vs godzilla

  24. dude lol its batman. get it? echolocating nocturnal flying mammal man? lol
    anyways how about Glover vs Crazy hand πŸ˜›
    remember, glover has the diamond ball that increases his speed up to light speed and increases his attack to full blown. really strong guy.

    • Oh, okay πŸ˜›

      Batman vs Godzilla Accepted!
      Glover vs Crazy Hand Accepted!

      You mean Glover from the Glover game right? Just making sure, I never heard of him before. This could get epic!

  25. yes i mean that glover.
    also Glover beat his arch nemisis, making him king of his relm, giving him twice his normal power, plus every ball in the game from giant bowling balls to evil heat seeking biter-balls.
    then again, Crazy Hand twitches. alot.

    • Yeah, this could be a pretty epic match! I’ll have to look into Glover. Before now I never heard of him. Well Crazy Hand has missilles so this could be close

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