Raven Branwen vs Cinder

Suggested by Jean Both of these fighters possess the fantastic powers of a maiden. One advantage in Raven’s favor though is that she has had the abilities for a much longer period of time. Additionally, she was already a powerful huntress on par with someone on Qrow’s level. Prior to obtaining the maiden Cinder did not seem to be on quite so high of a level. Even now, Cinder has not surpassed Raven so a rematch would end with the same outcome. Raven Branwen wins.

Tyrian vs Cinder

Tyrian is a powerful fighter and if Cinder didn’t have her Maiden powers you could make a very fair case for him defeating her. He’s been shown to be even just a little more powerful than Qrow which would put him as one of the strongest non-maiden characters in the series. Still, the fact is that Cinder does have the Maiden powers which would make this a rather quick win for her. Cinder wins.

Cinder vs Winter

We saw this fight go down not too long ago and it didn’t end well for Winter. Considering that Winter was teaming up with Penny at the time, it would be even more dangerous 1 on 1. Even if you discount the elemental disadvantage here, Cinder is just too powerful to be contained 1 on 1. At this point only a fellow maiden could hope to bring her down. Winter’s summons continue to grow more impressive but right now there is no way to overcome this opponent. Cinder wins.

Cinder vs Emerald

Emerald’s illusion powers are pretty handy to the point where they can even fool Salem. That being said, Cinder’s dealt with Neo in the past who is able to fight at an even higher level. Even without the benefit of her maiden abilities, Cinder should have this round pretty well in hand. Emerald’s a solid fighter but this would be like a teacher fighting a student. Emerald will need some substantial power ups in order to even the playing field. Cinder wins.

Lumiya vs Cinder

Lumiya has exceptional Force abilities and was even able to give Luke a run for his money. That won’t be enough against Cinder though. Cinder may lose a lot of fights but she is always ready to get back up and go another round. Her Maiden abilities are still formidable and she tends to keep her fights close. She would be able to completely overwhelm Lumiya with her fire attacks so the Sith would have no opportunity to focus on her mental abilities. Cinder’s savage attacks would end this quickly. Cinder wins.

Toothless vs Cinder

Suggested by Destroyer Cinder is a master with fire manipulation and that is going to be too much for Toothless to handle. His attacks already aren’t the strongest and when you consider the fact that his fire won’t do anything against Cinder it limits his options even further. Even without her Maiden abilities Cinder is fast enough to dodge all of Toothless’ attacks and counter with her own. This fight won’t last very long. Cinder wins.

Snail vs Cinder

Suggested by Destroyer The Snail is back for another round but I’m afraid that he won’t be able to take down Cinder. She can easily burn the Snail to a crisp with a casual flick of her wrist. The Snail has no resistance to such an attack and will quickly be defeated. Even if it turned giant in one of the films that would not be nearly enough to tip the scales here. Cinder wins.

Percy Jackson vs Cinder


Suggested by Destroyer Percy Jackson may not seem like a very strong guy, but he actually became fairly powerful by the end of his book series. He was nearly indestructible in his final form. Too bad he doesn’t have the speed to match that as Cinder can easily fly rings around him. Her fire abilities would certainly still damage him as well. His healing factor will buy him some time, but not enough. Cinder wins.

Shrieker vs Cinder

Suggested by Destroyer Shrieker was definitely one of the first Bleach villains to pop up so you may not think much of him but he did get a super form close to the events of the 4th movie. It makes him more of a threat which is nice for his fans but I definitely don’t think it puts him in the same league as Cinder. I’m afraid that he is about to get burned. Cinder wins.

Bart Simpson vs Cinder

Suggested by Destroyer Bart Simpson is a kid who doesn’t really care for authority too much. That’s too bad for him because disobeying Cinder means an early death. Her fire abilities will be far too much for him and Bart doesn’t have enough speed to dodge any of her attacks. He was doomed as soon as the fight started and at the end of the day he wouldn’t have even been able to have put up a fight against Cinder before she became a maiden. Cinder wins.