Komari Vosa vs Winter

Komari Vosa has returned but she won’t be quite able to match up to Winter here. Winter’s speed is exceptional and her mastery over the sword is on point. Komari’s attacks are certainly formidable to be sure but they won’t be doing much of anything to someone like Winter. Winter’s summons will help to keep Vosa busy and then her finishing move will end up taking the win. Vosa’s technique is on par but she won’t be able to keep up with Winter’s speed. Winter wins.

Cinder vs Winter

We saw this fight go down not too long ago and it didn’t end well for Winter. Considering that Winter was teaming up with Penny at the time, it would be even more dangerous 1 on 1. Even if you discount the elemental disadvantage here, Cinder is just too powerful to be contained 1 on 1. At this point only a fellow maiden could hope to bring her down. Winter’s summons continue to grow more impressive but right now there is no way to overcome this opponent. Cinder wins.

Winter vs Karate Kid

The Karate Kid is a powerful fighter who uses his super superhuman speed and top notch hand to hand skills to break his opponent. That’s not a great matchup against a sword user like Winter though. Additionally she also has her summons on hand to give him a tough time. Karate Kid won’t be able to match her speed and while his fists should be able to handle her summons, he will not be able to fend off all attacks at once. Winter wins.