Winter vs Karate Kid

The Karate Kid is a powerful fighter who uses his super superhuman speed and top notch hand to hand skills to break his opponent. That’s not a great matchup against a sword user like Winter though. Additionally she also has her summons on hand to give him a tough time. Karate Kid won’t be able to match her speed and while his fists should be able to handle her summons, he will not be able to fend off all attacks at once. Winter wins.

Karate Kid vs Wildcat

This is a tribute to the JLA Trapped in Time film. Karate Kid looked really good in that movie. He showed that his skills were the deal deal and he got a lot of wins by the end. Wildcat is a seasoned fighter as well but not at the same level. Karate Kid’s ability to see weaknesses in his opponents gives him a leg up over almost any other fighter in hand to hand combat. No way Wildcat is able to get the upper hand. Karate Kid wins.