Joe Higashi vs Wildcat

Suggested by iKnowledge Joe returns for another round and this one will be more or less the same. Wildcat also has some enhanced super strength at the ready but he’s just not ready to compete with Joe’s speed. Joe’s chi punches will be dealing a massive amount of damage to Wildcat. Wildcat’s durability means he can take quite a few punches but the damage will add up causing Wildcat’s attacks to be slower and weaker until he eventually goes down. Joe’s not about to lose a boxing match. Joe Higashi wins.

Karate Kid vs Wildcat

This is a tribute to the JLA Trapped in Time film. Karate Kid looked really good in that movie. He showed that his skills were the deal deal and he got a lot of wins by the end. Wildcat is a seasoned fighter as well but not at the same level. Karate Kid’s ability to see weaknesses in his opponents gives him a leg up over almost any other fighter in hand to hand combat. No way Wildcat is able to get the upper hand. Karate Kid wins.

Wildcat vs Superman

Wildcat is back, but he won’t have any better luck against Superman! Superman’s far too fast and strong for Wildcat to even get a good shot in. Superman’s surpassed him long ago. Wildcat has his hand to hand abilities, but against a foe as mighty as Superman, they won’t be enough. Superman wins.

Wildcat vs Batman

Wildcat may be good at hand to hand combat, but I’ve always considered Batman to be far superior. Wildcat’s a decent fighter, but he just doesn’t have what it takes to defeat an opponent of Batman’s caliber. Batman has a lot of gadgets at the ready and even without prep time he can win this round. Batman wins.