Joe Higashi vs Dabi

Joe Higashi has some pretty serious hand to hand moves and his fire abilities only make them that much more dangerous. That being said, I don’t think he is quite ready to deal with Dabi. Dabi’s flames just burn a lot brighter and he is quick enough to stay out of Joe’s range. Joe can try to punch his way through the fire, but at best I would say that is a short term solution so ultimately he would still be burned in the end. Joe just needs more tools to win this. Dabi wins.

Joe Higashi vs Wildcat

Suggested by iKnowledge Joe returns for another round and this one will be more or less the same. Wildcat also has some enhanced super strength at the ready but he’s just not ready to compete with Joe’s speed. Joe’s chi punches will be dealing a massive amount of damage to Wildcat. Wildcat’s durability means he can take quite a few punches but the damage will add up causing Wildcat’s attacks to be slower and weaker until he eventually goes down. Joe’s not about to lose a boxing match. Joe Higashi wins.

Joe Higashi vs Bushman

Suggested by iKnowledge Bushman is a fairly skilled Moon Knight villain who has been able to give the hero a good fight many times in the past. His razor sharp teeth are formidable and the guy’s a fighter but even so I don’t see him being able to win this. Joe’s attacks are simply too fast. He fights recklessly like Gearless Joe but also has some energy/elemental abilities backing up his punches. Bushman won’t be taking many of those before going down for the count. Joe Higashi wins.