Deku vs Dabi

This is a pretty bad matchup for Dabi. His fire abilities are strong but Deku can blow them away with pure power. At that point Dabi has no other defenses which can get pretty tricky for him. Deku also has enough power to end this in one punch since Dabi doesn’t exactly have any more durability than an average person. So while Dabi is a pretty important villain, he wouldn’t last more than a few seconds against Deku. Deku wins.

Joe Higashi vs Dabi

Joe Higashi has some pretty serious hand to hand moves and his fire abilities only make them that much more dangerous. That being said, I don’t think he is quite ready to deal with Dabi. Dabi’s flames just burn a lot brighter and he is quick enough to stay out of Joe’s range. Joe can try to punch his way through the fire, but at best I would say that is a short term solution so ultimately he would still be burned in the end. Joe just needs more tools to win this. Dabi wins.