Komari Vosa vs Winter

Komari Vosa has returned but she won’t be quite able to match up to Winter here. Winter’s speed is exceptional and her mastery over the sword is on point. Komari’s attacks are certainly formidable to be sure but they won’t be doing much of anything to someone like Winter. Winter’s summons will help to keep Vosa busy and then her finishing move will end up taking the win. Vosa’s technique is on par but she won’t be able to keep up with Winter’s speed. Winter wins.

Komari Vosa vs Jaina Solo

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty close battle. Both of these characters are at the top of their game both with utilizing the force as well as making the most of their environment. It’s possible that Jaina has better technique with her swordplay, however Komari was able to amp up her speed and defense using the Force. This gives her a bit of an edge since she should be able to overwhelm Jaina with brute strength. It’s not as if Jaina will simply let this happen without a fight but I do think her options here will be limited. Komari Vosa wins.