Cinder vs Emerald

Emerald’s illusion powers are pretty handy to the point where they can even fool Salem. That being said, Cinder’s dealt with Neo in the past who is able to fight at an even higher level. Even without the benefit of her maiden abilities, Cinder should have this round pretty well in hand. Emerald’s a solid fighter but this would be like a teacher fighting a student. Emerald will need some substantial power ups in order to even the playing field. Cinder wins.

Emerald vs Bunbuku

Bunbuku is a fun character but he’s not really a fighter. Meanwhile Emerald has had to learn how to fight on her own at all times and has really gained a lot of hand to hand ability over the years. Even without her illusion powers she was shown to be more than a match for members of Team Coco. Bunbuku won’t last more than a few seconds against her. Emerald wins.