Drive Knight vs Emerald

Suggested by Sonic Emerald has her illusion abilities which are always handy but I don’t think they will be enough to really deter Drive Knight here. Drive Knight is incredibly skilled and has a lot of different forms. He can move at speeds that Emerald wouldn’t be able to track and has the attack range to hit her no matter where she hides. Drive Knight wins.

Drive Knight vs Genos

Drive Knight is a powerful fighter who can utilize a bunch of different forms. For that reason he is not someone that you can underestimate. That being said, Genos is still superior in both firepower and speed. While he has a limit to how long he can use these abilities the same is true for Drive Knight. In a 1 on 1 battle my money would be on Genos to outlast him. Drive Knight is already outgunned so when you factor the time in then he is really doomed. Genos wins.

Drive Knight vs Leonardo

This is a tribute to the second TMNT film: Out of the Shadows. Unfortunately in this film Leonardo forgot what it meant to truly be a leader and ended up keeping some secrets from the other Turtles which did not work out very well. Drive Knight is also good at keeping secrets but he’s a loner anyway so it doesn’t really affect anyone else. In terms of raw power the gap between them is also immense. There would be no way for Leonardo to really deal out any damage. Drive Knight wins.