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Anakin Solo vs Genos

One-Punch Man - 02 - Large 05
Anakin Solo returns to the arena, but he is up against Genos. That is a recipe for disaster if you ask me. His Force abilities won’t have any sway over Genos since the cyborg is simply too powerful. His speed will also allow him to destroy Solo in one clean hit since the guy won’t be able to react to that level of quickness. The fight is over as soon as it began and that’s why it will prove to be the end for Anakin. Genos wins.

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Bulletproof vs Genos

One-Punch Man - 02 - Large 05
Bulletproof is back, but he doesn’t stand a chance against an opponent who is as fast and as strong as Genos. Genos has the skills to defeat just about any opponent who gets in his way. He didn’t become an S rank hero for nothing and would be able to use his Incinerate cannon to take out Bulletproof in one shot. Bulletproof may be good when it comes to a gun fight, but that won’t help here. Genos wins.

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Saitama vs Genos

This fight was so fun that I almost just linked the gif, but I still don’t really know how to properly add gifs onto here from flickr so the picture will do. Genos may be incredibly powerful, but it is safe to say that he will never be quite able to defeat Saitama. The gap between them is incredibly large and shows no glimpse of changing. Genos has determination though so maybe the author will give him a happy ending where he manages to win…or at least land a solid punch in. Genos is off to a good start on the blog and we can expect more wins soon! Saitama wins.

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Genos vs Swagman

Genos is back and now he’s up against the Swagman. I like the concept of Swagman a little, but I doubt I’d like the character. He’s essentially a throwaway fighter that nobody will remember in a few years. Actually…does anyone remember him right now? Either way, he’s easy pickings for Genos. One “Incinerate” blast will be enough to get the job done. Swagman’s got the right name, but now he’s just gotta live up to it and that’s the tough part. Genos wins.

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Genos vs Arm-Fall-Off Boy

One-Punch Man - 02 - Large 05

Genos has finally entered the blog! He’s one of the best new characters to debut in the outside world and it’s about time that I got him in on the action. While he isn’t able to defeat Saitama, Genos is incredibly strong and tends to outclass his opponents. Arm-Fall-Off Boy means well, but I don’t see how he can possibly hope to land any blows on Genos. The difference in their ability levels is far too great. Genos wins.