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Ethan Waber vs Genos

Ethan Waber’s got a lot of confidence. His swordplay is fantastic and his demeanor is well earned through his actions. That being said, he’s definitely not going to beat Genos. Both of these fighters specialize in attacking power and that’s where Ethan is doomed. Genos has enough firepower to blow up cities and maybe even continents at this point. Ethan can’t dodge such an attack and his speed is still that of a normal human’s. Genos can move around light speed at this point. That’s the end of the match. Genos wins.

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Ethan Waber vs Chief Burns

It’s time for Ethan Waber to take the stage. He’s a pretty powerful fighter and knows how to use a gun quite effectively. He’s certainly not someone you want to be underestimating. That being said, I’m sure Chief Burns would go down honorably. He won’t back down no matter how outmatched he is. The problem here is that ultimately Chief Burns isn’t really a fighter while Ethan Waber has been taking down alien creatures for a long time. The difference in ability here is absolutely massive. Ethan Waber wins.