Ethan Waber vs Chief Burns

It’s time for Ethan Waber to take the stage. He’s a pretty powerful fighter and knows how to use a gun quite effectively. He’s certainly not someone you want to be underestimating. That being said, I’m sure Chief Burns would go down honorably. He won’t back down no matter how outmatched he is. The problem here is that ultimately Chief Burns isn’t really a fighter while Ethan Waber has been taking down alien creatures for a long time. The difference in ability here is absolutely massive. Ethan Waber wins.

Chief Burns vs Officer Wembley

Suggested by Destroyer Chief Burns is a tough man of the law who won’t go down very easily. He has been known to talk tough to giant robots in the past after all. Officer Wembly is a little overweight and likely hasn’t seen any real combat in a very long time. That’s why I just don’t like his odds here. He doesn’t seem to be equipped with any combat experience which is absolutely fatal here. Chief Burns is just in a perfect position to end things early on in this match and is always a quick thinker. Chief Burns wins.