Chief Burns vs Officer Wembley

Suggested by Destroyer Chief Burns is a tough man of the law who won’t go down very easily. He has been known to talk tough to giant robots in the past after all. Officer Wembly is a little overweight and likely hasn’t seen any real combat in a very long time. That’s why I just don’t like his odds here. He doesn’t seem to be equipped with any combat experience which is absolutely fatal here. Chief Burns is just in a perfect position to end things early on in this match and is always a quick thinker. Chief Burns wins.

Howard Aguello vs Officer Wembley

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Howard to return to fight another gunfighter. He’s actually been doing pretty well thus far and this is another match he will win. Officer Wembley’s also got a gun, but he’s not quite in athletic shape so he won’t be able to dodge Howard’s attacks. Howard can shoot off his gun real quick and Wembley definitely won’t be able to dodge that. Howard Aguello wins.