Nebulim vs Genos

Nebulim is a fighter who focuses on pure defense while Genos goes 100% in on attack power. So their fighting styles really contrast with each other and that would make for a good fight. At the end of the day what this comes down to is the fact that Genos would be able to punch through Nebulim’s defenses. With defense out of the way there is no path for Nebulim to be able to stand up to Genos’ speed and strength for very long. Genos wins.

Reisuke Sawada vs Nebulim

Reisuke Sawada is a very determined guy and he gets his share of good scenes but he can also be annoying a lot of the time. Sometimes determination isn’t enough to win a fight and that will be the case here as Nebulim’s barriers will just be way too powerful. Reisuke won’t be getting anywhere near the guy because each barrier will just push him back or crush him. There’s no easy way to deal with that kind of ability and ultimately it will just mean that Reisuke has to take the loss on this one. Nebulim wins.