Genos vs Dialga

Suggested by Sonic Dialga may manipulate time itself, but what good will that be against a cyborg that is as fast as Genos? Genos can easily fire off a blast with such tremendous power that it would destroy Dialga in an instant. There just would not be any way for Dialga to shake off such a hit and that’s what is going to cost him in the long run. The difference in speed. Genos wins.

Hibito vs Dialga

Suggested by Destroyer Hibito has a pretty cool fire sword and a lot of elemental attacks but I don’t think that would be enough to stop Dialga. Dialga is one of the most powerful Pokemon on the planet and is the master of time. Hibito can move rather quickly but he won’t be able to dodge Dialga’s onslaught of attacks or outmaneuver them long enough to secure the win. Ultimately his efforts here would be futile. Dialga wins.

Falzar vs Dialga

Falzar is a very powerful beast, but he lacks the versatility needed to take down Dialga. Dialga can fire powerful energy blasts and has a very large array of other attack options. I believe Dialga could also take the win in a close combat scenario as well. Falzar doesn’t have a lot going for him here. Everything he can do, Dialga can do better. Dialga wins.

Searchman vs Dialga

Searchman is definitely a good shot and the odds of him missing any shot without foul play is very small. Searchman is a professional after all, but that won’t allow him to beat a monster on this level. Dialga has mastery over time and his energy blasts pack a serious punch. It is hard to imagine Searchman evading his hits for long and speed will play a pivotal role in this match. Dialga’s large array of attacks shall lead him to victory. Dialga wins.

Dialga vs Kimeramon

Dialga is HERE!
Dialga has a large array of attacks and abilities at his disposal, but can he win this round? He will be able to overwhelm Kimeramon with his speed and long range abilities, but how about his digievolutions? Those can definitely make things interesting and make the battle a lot closer. Kimeramon can transform into the legendary Milleniumon series, but I believe that Dialga’s superior long range abilities will be able to handle it. Dialga wins.

Dracena vs Dialga

Dracena is a giant mecha with just enough firepower to take down most opponents. Dracena hasn’t been around for a long time so it’s sad for him that he has to lose this round. Dialga just needs one good shot to take down a good chunk of Dracena’s health. Dialga takes a well earned win with this round. Dialga wins.

Gallantmon vs Dialga

Oh, poor Dialga
Dialga has some pretty intense lasers and some decent speed as well, but it just won’t be enough. Dialga’s beams can possibly negate Gallantmon’s shield of the just, but Gallantmon has a lot more weapons at his disposal. His lance can deal some massive damage in a single shot. Gallantmon wins.

Dialga vs Palkia

Dialga and Palkia are pretty big rivals. Which is better? To control time, or to control space!? At first glance Palkia may appear to be stronger, but I’d say that Dialga has this round. His huge laser blasts deal massive amounts of damage and Palkia seems to have less defense on his end. Palkia may have lost this round, but he gave it his best! Dialga wins.

Mothra vs Dialga

Mothra is pretty big and strong, but in the end she can’t hope to defeat Dialga. He’s just too powerful and has shown that he can take care of himself in the past. Some good blasts from him should knock the fight out of Mothra. She put up a brave fight in the end. Dialga wins.

Godzilla vs Dialga

Godzilla is back and this time he’s up against Dialga. Godzilla is the King of the Monsters, but he’s never taken on an opponent quite like Dialga before. Dialga could use his time hax and giant beams to take Godzilla down a few pegs. Godzilla drops down the ranks with this loss. Dialga wins.