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Voldemort vs Falzar

Lord-Voldemort-lord-voldemort-24011691-1904-814 (1)
Suggested by Destroyer Falzar claims victory in a similar way as Cyber End Dragon. Both of them have some good projectiles and can fly. Voldemort has some good spells, but it will be difficult for any of them to land due to Falzar spamming lasers in this fight. Voldemort only being equal to a human physically is his biggest problem to overcome in these matches. It is a liability that powerful foes will exploit and Falzar is certainly powerful. Falzar wins.

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Falzar vs Dialga

Falzar is a very powerful beast, but he lacks the versatility needed to take down Dialga. Dialga can fire powerful energy blasts and has a very large array of other attack options. I believe Dialga could also take the win in a close combat scenario as well. Falzar doesn’t have a lot going for him here. Everything he can do, Dialga can do better. Dialga wins.

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Status Quo vs Falzar

Status Quo
The Status Quo likes to keep things as they are, but he’ll quickly find that this is a tougher challenge than he expected. Falzar’s intense energy blasts would scorch the Status Quo on the spot and he is also a lot faster than the human. The Status Quo will have his hands full just trying to defend against the bird and he won’t be able to launch a counter attack before he loses. Falzar wins.

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Gregar vs Falzar

Gregar has his raw power. With it he can take down many opponents with ease. Of course Falzar has an overwhelming speed advantage which helps him take this match. Gregar is powerful, but it’s like pitting Godzilla against Rodan! Speed trumps power nearly all of the time. Falzar rises up the blog. Falzar wins.