Cyber End Dragon vs Falzar

Suggested by Destroyer Cyber End Dragon is definitely a fierce fighter but he won’t be doing anything to Falzar here. Falzer never gets to show his stuff too much before getting beat but he still has more firepower than Cyber End Dragon and is a lot more agile in the air. He will be able to overload the dragon with energy attacks and win the day. Falzar wins.

Cyber End Dragon vs Shukaku

Suggested by Destroyer The Cyber End Dragon is a powerful Yugioh monster. His attack power is even higher than the Blue Eyes White Dragon so that’s something to consider. However, he has less attack options than Shukaku and is generally not known to be quite as powerful. That is going to make this match hard on him since it’s not like he has a big speed advantage to compensate. Shukaku wins.

Cyber End Dragon vs Nine Tailed Fox

Suggested by Destroyer The Cyber End Dragon is Zane’s trump card and one of the stronger monsters in Duel Monsters. He has enough power to wipe out an opponent’s life points in a single hit. That being said, the Nine Tailed Fox is stronger than any single Yugioh card. It has enough raw power to easily wipe the dragon out and is also fast enough to dodge any possible attacks that the Cyber End can dish out before being defeated. As a result this is a pretty one sided match. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

Voldemort vs Cyber End Dragon

Suggested by Destroyer Voldemort is a powerful sorcerer even if he did end up losing to a kid. His spells are enough to destroy a human in one shot, but how would they fare against a giant robotic dragon? Not too well I’d imagine and they definitely couldn’t break through Cyber End’s intense array of lasers. That will prove to be too much for Voldemort and he doesn’t have enough speed to dodge the blasts. This match really comes down to the fire power and their respective strengths are on different levels. Cyber End Dragon wins.

Cyber End Dragon vs Groudon

Cyber End Dragon is pretty powerful and his attacks can deal lethal damage in an instant. That being said, Groudon is a lot more maneuverable than the Cyber End Dragon and his attacks are just as deadly. If it came to a straight up beam battle then Cyber End Dragon may have the edge, but Groudon is quicker and that makes all the difference. Groudon wins.

Ender Dragon vs Cyber End Dragon

The Cyber End Dragon is back and he’s up against one of the newer dragons on the blog. The Ender Dragon is pretty fast, but he doesn’t have much in the way of actual firepower, while Cyber End Dragon has some pretty good fire blasts. Ender Dragon won’t be able to win this round, but he tried. Cyber End Dragon wins.