Nine Tailed Fox vs Groudon

Suggested by Sonic The Nine Tailed Fox is an absolute powerhouse. He can shoot powerful energy blasts the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Groudon has enough durability to maybe tank one of those hits but that’s it. He’s not fast enough to consistently evade the blows and won’t be able to overpower the fox. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

Omega (Zero) vs Groudon

Suggested by Anonymous Groudon has a great amount of physical power. It would be very difficult for Omega to try and take the lead in this battle if he focuses on pure power. There’s no reason he would have to do that though since he has a lot of energy based attacks at the ready as well. Additionally his speed is far greater than Groudon. Groudon’s size will be an issue here as it will be difficult for him to dodge any incoming attacks and the power behind Omega’s moves will quickly eat away at his health. Omega (Zero) wins.

Cyber End Dragon vs Groudon

Cyber End Dragon is pretty powerful and his attacks can deal lethal damage in an instant. That being said, Groudon is a lot more maneuverable than the Cyber End Dragon and his attacks are just as deadly. If it came to a straight up beam battle then Cyber End Dragon may have the edge, but Groudon is quicker and that makes all the difference. Groudon wins.

Space Godzilla vs Groudon

Space Godzilla is a pretty strong opponent, but in the end he can’t take down Groudon. Groudon has a lot of powers at his disposal and with them he can take down many opponents. Space Godzilla may have lost this battle, but maybe he’ll be back to pwn. Groudon rises up the ranks with this win. Groudon wins.