Omega (Zero) vs Aile

Suggested by Sonic Aile has a lot of abilities in ZX since she has absorbed all of the main reploid heroes. That said, Omega was one of the most powerful villains in the entire Zero series and has more than enough power and speed to stay on the winning side here. Aile is skilled and should make this a close fight but ultimately his core stats are just better. Omega (Zero) wins.

Omega (Zero) vs Groudon

Suggested by Anonymous Groudon has a great amount of physical power. It would be very difficult for Omega to try and take the lead in this battle if he focuses on pure power. There’s no reason he would have to do that though since he has a lot of energy based attacks at the ready as well. Additionally his speed is far greater than Groudon. Groudon’s size will be an issue here as it will be difficult for him to dodge any incoming attacks and the power behind Omega’s moves will quickly eat away at his health. Omega (Zero) wins.

Omega (Zero) vs Zero

Another big match. Omega (Zero) quickly became one of my favorite Megaman characters. He has an epic feel that can’t be matched by many. Omega (Zero)’s powers and skills are considerable and defeating him is no easy task. Even Zero would get a run for his money in this fight. Omega (Zero) uses Zero’s old body and because of that his skills are nearly off the charts.

He also has various super forms where you can truly appreciate his super speed. The only reason Zero really stands a chance is because of his incredible sword skills and power. He also got a Black Chaos type super form where his power skyrockets yet again. Zero may take this match, but it’s certainly a tough fight. Omega (Zero) will be back as will Zero. Zero wins.

Omega (Zero) vs Hiei

Omega (Zero) is back. With his powers their aren’t many who can take him down easily. Of course Hiei is a high above and such things don’t matter to him. He could take down Omega (Zero) with ease. Hiei wins.

This match is tough, it all comes down to speed. I think Omega may have the edge here. Omega (Zero) wins.