Omega (Zero) vs Aile

Suggested by Sonic Aile has a lot of abilities in ZX since she has absorbed all of the main reploid heroes. That said, Omega was one of the most powerful villains in the entire Zero series and has more than enough power and speed to stay on the winning side here. Aile is skilled and should make this a close fight but ultimately his core stats are just better. Omega (Zero) wins.

Pandora vs Aile

Aile vs Pandora
Pandora makes her blog debut against Aile! Aile has a lot of powers at her disposal and her speed is pretty impressive as well. I don’t think that Pandora will be able to keep up with her. Aile takes a win in this round and rises up the blog ranks. Maybe Pandora will be back someday. Aile wins.

Girouette vs Aile

Girouette is back and now he’s up against Aile! This match goes down pretty much like how Vent vs Girouette went! Aile is a lot faster and stronger than Girouette, plus she has a lot more battle experience! It would seem that Girouette is pretty much doomed in this round! Aile wins.