Girouette vs Aile

Girouette is back and now he’s up against Aile! This match goes down pretty much like how Vent vs Girouette went! Aile is a lot faster and stronger than Girouette, plus she has a lot more battle experience! It would seem that Girouette is pretty much doomed in this round! Aile wins.

Girouette vs Vent

Girouette was Vent’s partner and for a long time he got to pwn a lot of guys. Still…in the grand scheme of things, he can’t take down someone as powerful as Vent! His Zero form was cool I’ll give you that, but Vent has that and more! Vent got more time to shine and use his powers. Girouette started out stronger than Vent, no question…but in the end it seems like it wasn’t enough. Vent wins.