Ulquiorra vs Vent

Suggested by Destroyer Vent has a lot of Megaman type abilities at his disposal but none of them will be quite enough here. Ulquiorra can counter any kind of attack Vent puts out and then some. Mix in Ulquiorra’s superior speed and then it’s really over. There is just no chance for Vent to win in this round and he would need a considerable power up in order to even get close. Ulquiorra wins.

Ash vs Vent

Suggested by Anonymous This is a pretty tough one. Vent does have a lot of abilities up his sleeve to be sure, but I don’t think they are at a high enough level for him to stop all of Ash’s Pokémon. Pikachu and Sceptile in particular will be tough to deal with due to their speed. This is one case where Ash’s sheer numbers will be what carries him to victory. Vent’s various form shifts just won’t be able to keep up and he doesn’t have the stamina to stay in the game long enough. Ash wins.

Naruto vs Vent

Suggested by Destroyer Vent has a lot of mega Man style abilities up his sleeve which is why he is such a dangerous foe. They have a lot of potential when used together and it’s hard to say just how strong Vent is as a result. Still, Naruto was able to survive a shot that ripped through the Moon so I don’t think Vent has anything up his sleeve that will be putting him down for the count. Naruto can also dish it out as well just as well. Naruto wins.

Aizen vs Vent

Suggested by Destroyer This match was deceptively tricky. Vent is no slouch and his various abilities make him a very serious threat. He is fast, strong, and has quite the arsenal of lethal abilities at his disposal. You really should not count him out against anyone, but Aizen has shown himself to be one of the strongest Bleach villains out there. As impressive as Vent is, he will simply not be able to keep up with Aizen’s superior firepower. Aizen wins.

Dr Doom vs Vent

Vent is easily one of the least popular “Megamen” but he’s still a very tough opponent. His speed is on a different level than anything you would find in Marvel or DC and his power is considerable. Dr Doom has gotten many power ups over the years, but they simply won’t be enough here. His armor won’t be superior to Vent’s and his projectiles will simply be overpowered by Vent’s charged shot. Vent wins.

Prometheus vs Vent

Vent vs Prometheus
Prometheus is a pretty popular ZX character. He actually managed to live through the first 2 games which is quite the feat. Still, I think it’s safe to say that he’s outclassed against Vent. Vent’s incredible speed and power will have him take the win. You just won’t want to mess with this guy! Vent wins.

Lurerre vs Vent

Lurerre is another powerful boss that tried to get in Vent’s way…Big Mistake! Vent doesn’t toy around with these villains. He hits them hard and he hits them fast! Taking Vent down isn’t exactly a good idea and it’s typically one that usually fails. Vent gets yet another win! Vent wins.

Hivolt vs Vent

Hivolt is a pretty fast guy and his power is also pretty good. If Vent hadn’t had luck on his side, their first battle could have gotten very dicey! I think that by the end of the game, Vent is strong enough to take this guy down. Hivolt may have lost, but he could be back soon! Vent wins.

Girouette vs Vent

Girouette was Vent’s partner and for a long time he got to pwn a lot of guys. Still…in the grand scheme of things, he can’t take down someone as powerful as Vent! His Zero form was cool I’ll give you that, but Vent has that and more! Vent got more time to shine and use his powers. Girouette started out stronger than Vent, no question…but in the end it seems like it wasn’t enough. Vent wins.