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Elesa vs Hivolt

Suggested by Anonymous Elesa is a skilled Pokemon fighter and while she may not have a large variety of them to fight by her side, she doesn’t need great numbers to win. That being said, Hivolt still has the edge here thanks to his incredible speed. It’ll be very difficult for Elesa to keep up with him for very long. Hivolt also has enough power to take down a city in an instant. Her Pokemon won’t be able to block such an attack. Hivolt wins.

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Hivolt vs Vent

Hivolt is a pretty fast guy and his power is also pretty good. If Vent hadn’t had luck on his side, their first battle could have gotten very dicey! I think that by the end of the game, Vent is strong enough to take this guy down. Hivolt may have lost, but he could be back soon! Vent wins.