God Ginrai vs Ray MK II

Suggested by Sonic God Ginrai is a very powerful robot to the point where you could call him one of the strongest Transformers ever and I would not bat an eye. He has proven himself many times over in the past. Ray MK II has some great specs as well but I question if he is really tough enough to hold his own against God Ginrai for very long. He doesn’t have nearly enough durability to stay in the ring. God Ginrai wins.

Destoroyah vs Ray Mk II

Destoroyah is back and now he’s up against the Ray Mk II. Ray is pretty fast and he’s got a lot of weapons at his disposal. Destoroyah is durable, but not even he can hope to stand up against a barrage of that magnitude for long! He won’t be able to win this round against Ray. Ray MK II wins.