Pandora vs Quagsire

Suggested by Sonic Quagsire is a reasonably powerful water type. The fact that he is part ground helps against thunder moves. That said, I would still put my money on Pandora to win this. Her water moves are just more powerful and she is also a lot faster than Quagsire. When you put all of that together, it really puts the Pokemon in quite the spot. I don’t see this being an extremely one sided affair or anything like that but Pandora’s stats are simply better so I see her going all the way with the victory here. Pandora wins.

Pandora vs Aile

Aile vs Pandora
Pandora makes her blog debut against Aile! Aile has a lot of powers at her disposal and her speed is pretty impressive as well. I don’t think that Pandora will be able to keep up with her. Aile takes a win in this round and rises up the blog ranks. Maybe Pandora will be back someday. Aile wins.