Speedy Gonzales vs Road Runner

Speedy Gonzales is pretty quick. He knows his stuff and all. Of course Road Runner has basic swordplay skills and he’s a lot bigger. Because of this Road Runner has the advantage. Speedy Gonzales just doesn’t have the skills to take him down. Soon, then it’ll all be good and well. Road Runner wins.

32 thoughts on “Speedy Gonzales vs Road Runner

  1. Sonic vs road runner (in a race)
    broly vs android 17 (could you show his blue form in the picture?)
    Bugs bunny vs donald duck
    chucke cheese vs ronald mcdonald
    master chief vs arbiter
    Odst trooper vs zombie
    purge trooper vs scrap guardian
    Counsel elite vs normal brute
    Brute vs purge trooper
    CORTANNA! VS juno eclipse

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