Hiei vs Hulk

Suggested by Random This is a slam dunk win for Hiei. The Hulk is incredibly strong and his durability should not be questioned either. However, he is not very fast while Hiei is known for his high levels of speed. His sword can absolutely pierce through the Hulk and his Dragon of Darkness Flame attack would deal a lot of damage as well. The Hulk’s regenerative abilities will prolong the fight to an extent, but it will only buy him some time. The Hulk still has no way of injuring Hiei and that will present him with a fatal problem. Hiei wins.

Link vs Hiei

Suggested by Random Link is a skilled sword fighter and you could make the strong case that his pure swordsmanship may be even greater than Hiei’s. While that gives Link a slight advantage, Hiei is physically far superior. He will be able to speed blitz Link and exploit that difference. Link has a lot of gadgets, but they won’t be enough to protect him from Hiei’s vicious onslaught of attacks. Hiei wins.

Hiei vs Zeru

Zeru has some fire power, but in the end they’re nothing against Hiei’s. Hiei has the dragon of darkness flame and with it he can pwn Zeru pretty easily. Zeru tried to be a tough opponent for Hiei, but in the end no being can defeat Hiei. Hiei is just far too dangerous and deadly. Maybe Zeru will come back someday. Hiei wins.