Palkia vs Burter

Suggested by Destroyer Burter is the fastest in the universe so if I was Palkia I’d run right now. There’s nothing that he can do against a monstrous warrior like Burter. Burter could probably win this with a single hit, but lets say it would take a full combo to give Palkia some credit here. The fact of the matter is that Burter would still end the round very quickly and efficiently. You just don’t mess with this guy. Burter wins.

Malus Darkblade vs Burter

Malus Darkblade is a strong fighter whose abilities transcend that of mere mortals. Unfortunately for him the same can be said for Burter. He’s not the kind of opponent that you can hope to beat easily. He’s simply too fast and far too powerful to be stopped by most opponents. Darkblade’s sword would be shattered as soon as the match begins and I doubt he would even realize what is happening until it was far too late. Burter wins.

Starlight Glimmer vs Burter

Burter claims to be the fastest in the universe and when you watch him fight you can’t help but think that he might be on to something. Starlight Glimmer is a very talented pony in her own right, but she isn’t really in the same conversation as Burter. This guy can destroy whole planets on a whim. Not even Starlight has that kind of power. I’m sure she may put up an admirable fight, but it’s over. Burter wins.

Burter vs Ginyu

Suggested by Destroyer Burter was known as the fastest being in the universe for a very long time. Unfortunately for him, Captain Ginyu was able to take over Goku’s body after that and quickly usurped Burter’s position. You could even try and make the case that he was already faster but you get into more of a debate at that point. Either way, Burter’s power level just isn’t high enough here. Captain Ginyu wins.

Hirudegarn vs Burter

This is a battle of speed vs power. A few months ago I probably would have gone with Burter without a doubt. I think it’s certainly a closer fight nowadays since one good hit from Hirudegarn would likely be able to take Burter out thanks to the difference in their power levels. The real question is..could Hirudegarn hit Burter? I like to think that it would take Hirudegarn a lot of time, but he would eventually land a hit and that would be enough to win this round. Hirudegarn wins.

Solaris vs Burter

Solaris is one of the strongest Sonic villains in existence and it’s tough for anyone to match up against that level of power. Luckily, Burter is the right man for the job. He’s known as one of the fastest characters in history and he claimed that he was the fastest. Solaris has some solid attacks, but they’re too slow to hit this guy. Burter wins.