Burter vs Ginyu

Suggested by Destroyer Burter was known as the fastest being in the universe for a very long time. Unfortunately for him, Captain Ginyu was able to take over Goku’s body after that and quickly usurped Burter’s position. You could even try and make the case that he was already faster but you get into more of a debate at that point. Either way, Burter’s power level just isn’t high enough here. Captain Ginyu wins.


King Cold vs Ginyu

Suggested by Destroyer King Cold may be the proud king of the ice demon race but he is no match for Ginyu. Ginyu managed to take over someone’s body in DB Super which boosted his strength to a level that was above Mystic Gohan. That’s no small feat and King Cold has never gotten a big power boost like that. It’s the end of the road for him. Ginyu wins.

Mephiles vs Ginyu

Ginyu has some okay powers, but nothing that can take on the power of Mephiles. Mephiles is just too powerful and pwns whenever he wants too. Nobody can stand in his way. Mephiles wins.

Ginyu once possessed Goku’s body……with that kind of power he’s unstoppable! Ginyu wins.