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Genryu vs Hirudegarn

Suggested by Destroyer Genryu is an incredibly strong monster but I’m not sure it will be enough in this round. Hirudegarn was able to take on Goku and the other Saiyans after all. Genryu appeared to be faster if you ask me and his energy blasts are certainly no joke. It will still be tough for him to deal with Hirudegarn’s teleportation and regeneration. It will be a hard fought battle but Genryu was able to achieve a merged state at the end of the Dragon Drive series. So…is his power great enough to hurt Hirudegarn and can he live long enough to use it? At the moment, I’d say no. This is definitely a nail biter though. Hirudegarn wins.

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Hirudegarn vs Skullman

Suggested by Destroyer Skullman is very fast which is his only chance here. He’ll need to evade Hirudegarn’s attacks and then launch some of his own. The problem is that his hits probably wouldn’t even hurt the monster. Hirudegarn is on a completely different level and he can even end the planet in an instant. There’s not a whole lot that you can do against such a foe. Skullman would very quickly begin to realize that his efforts here are ultimately futile. Hirudegarn wins.

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Hirudegarn vs Shukaku

Suggested by Destroyer Hirudegarn is a powerful DBZ monster. While he may not have been quite as impressive as some of the humanoid foes, he is certainly one of the strongest monsters to ever walk the earth. Shukaku would be completely obliterated by his energy attacks. The speed difference between the two characters is considerable as well. Hirudegarn can teleport out of the way of any incoming attacks and then launch his counter offensive. Hirudegarn wins.

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Hirudegarn vs Palkia

Suggested by Destroyer Hirudegarn may not have been the most impressive DBZ fighter, but he was still holding his own against Mystic Gohan and did a good job against Goku and Vegeta as well. He can teleport and in terms of raw power is a lot higher than Palkia. Palkia is just outmatched here and as powerful a Pokemon as he may be, it simply won’t be enough this time. He just wasn’t ready for this kind of foe. Hirudegarn wins.

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Quicksilver vs Hirudegarn

Speed meets power in this round and it actually won’t be enough this time. Hirudegarn’s attacks are enough to even challenge a foe of Goku’s level and that’s not something that Quicksilver could accomplish. Hirudegarn may not even feel the speedster’s blows, but one of his attacks would deal massive damage. I don’t see him losing this battle. Hirudegarn wins.

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Hirudegarn vs Burter

This is a battle of speed vs power. A few months ago I probably would have gone with Burter without a doubt. I think it’s certainly a closer fight nowadays since one good hit from Hirudegarn would likely be able to take Burter out thanks to the difference in their power levels. The real question is..could Hirudegarn hit Burter? I like to think that it would take Hirudegarn a lot of time, but he would eventually land a hit and that would be enough to win this round. Hirudegarn wins.

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Hirudegarn vs Cubone

Hirudegarn is a pretty powerful monster and he actually took on Goku back in the day! He’s immensely powerful to be sure. Cubone may have a pretty good stick to use in his defense, but it definitely won’t be enough to take down someone like Hirudegarn. Hirudegarn’s defense is far too high. Hirudegarn wins.

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Hirudegarn vs Emil Hamilton

Emil Hamilton is pretty smart, but in the end smarts won’t be enough to take down someone like Hirudegarn. Hirudegarn is an S class monster with abilities that surpass those of ordinary scientists. After all..could Emil Hamilton give Goku a good fight like Hirudegarn did? Hirudegarn wins.