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Robin vs Scar

Suggested by Destroyer Robin is a good crime fighter and he has certainly been putting villains through the ringer. That being said, Scar is certainly a lot faster than Robin and a single point of contact could mean death. Robin can throw some gadgets to buy himself some time but Scar will get through those and then it is really all over. No way Robin can dodge him long enough to take a win. Scar wins.

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Scar vs Pain

Scar has a lot of destructive power within him. One touch can be fatal, but he won’t be able to land that hit. Pain is much too fast and his array of ninjutsu is pretty large as well. Pain can just repel Scar away and take him out with a classic speedblitz attack. Scar is a cool character, but he’s physically outmatched here. Pain wins.

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Scar (Lion King) vs Scar

Smirkyscar (1)
Scar (Lion King) makes his debut against the other Scar! Scar is an expert at hand to hand combat, but Scar (Lion King) can be a pretty deceitful and tricky guy. Scar will have to put out all of the stops in this round, but in the end he’ll take the win. Once he makes contact, it’s over. Scar wins.