Pain vs Desertman

Suggested by Destroyer Desertman is a fun opponent to have around. He has good long range options but can also fight up close when necessary. Ultimately his reliance on dark chips got the better of him. He won’t be able to beat Pain who can effectively use multiple bodies at once to take down any opponent. Desertman would quickly be completely overwhelmed here and doesn’t really have a whole lot of options at his disposal. Pain can repel any sand attack. Pain wins.

Scar vs Pain

Scar has a lot of destructive power within him. One touch can be fatal, but he won’t be able to land that hit. Pain is much too fast and his array of ninjutsu is pretty large as well. Pain can just repel Scar away and take him out with a classic speedblitz attack. Scar is a cool character, but he’s physically outmatched here. Pain wins.

Blastman vs Pain

Blastman’s fire abilities should not be underestimated, but he never really got popular with the Megaman fanbase. He was overshadowed by other fire opponents like Torchman and Burnerman. His name is also similar to Blasterman’s so people can mix them up. Either way, a simple fire styled attack would never be enough to stop Pain. Pain took out an entire village with ease! Pain wins.

Pain vs Gaara

Gaara is a skilled sand user, but he’s not really able to compete with Pain at the moment. Pain had many attacks his disposal thanks to the Rinnegan. Gaara doesn’t have any fancy eye tricks so he’s limited to his ninjutsu. He is a skilled fighter, but speed was never one of his strong suits and Pain would definitely best him once it came down to hand to hand combat. Pain wins.

Itachi vs Pain

This is a pretty tricky fight and both of these fighters are some of the strongest Shinobi in the series. Itachi’s sharingan gives him a big boost, but Pain’s Rinnegan is also formidable. Pain’s bodies help to give him the edge since Itachi would eventually be overwhelmed. His array of jutsu is impressive and Itachi is physically a match for Pain as well. Pain’s ninjutsu would just be too much for him to overcome. Pain wins.

Krillin vs Pain

Pain is one of the strongest shinobi in existence, but he still won’t be able to take Krillin down for the count. Krillin has his Destructo Disc at the ready and a single shot would likely be able to break through his ninjutsu and end the battle. Pain is fast and powerful, but Krillin is one of the legendary Z Fighters! Krillin wins.

Pain vs Goku

Whenever you think of Goku, you think of unlimited power. Pain may be strong, but he would be nothing against the matchless power of Goku’s Super Saiyan abilities. He would be strong enough to resist any attempts of Pain to repel him and one good punch would instantly be enough to shatter the entire planet. This is why Goku rarely loses battles. Goku wins.

Pain vs Madara

Madara is back once again and I don’t believe that Pain would be able to defeat him. Physically, Madara is even stronger than Pain’s main body and his array of ninjutsu is just as fierce. Madara can drop a pair of meteors on Pain and that would essentially end the fight. There are very few ninja who can compete at Madara’s level. Madara wins.