Toph vs Gaara

Suggested by Eric Toph is pretty good at manipulating the sand and the ground around him. He’s an adept fighter who only got better as the series progressed while Gaara’s abilities stalled once Shippuden hit. Still, he had enough power by that point where I would still give him the edge. His lack of mobility is concerning but with how fast the sand moves and how much of it Gaara can control, he should be okay. He also did get quite a bit faster in his partially merged Tailed Beast state so that helps a lot as well. He is still the sand master. Gaara wins.

Pain vs Gaara

Gaara is a skilled sand user, but he’s not really able to compete with Pain at the moment. Pain had many attacks his disposal thanks to the Rinnegan. Gaara doesn’t have any fancy eye tricks so he’s limited to his ninjutsu. He is a skilled fighter, but speed was never one of his strong suits and Pain would definitely best him once it came down to hand to hand combat. Pain wins.

Gaara vs Shino

Surprisingly, this is Shino’s first match on the blog. I can’t say that this is a good thing for him since I have now thought of a pair of matches for him on the blog. They should be coming up soon and hopefully he is able to win them since Gaara definitely takes the victory here. Both of them attack the enemy with a large amount of sand (or bugs), but the big difference is that sand isn’t alive so it can keep on being reused while insects get hurt and have to leave the fight. Gaara wins.

Imhotep vs Gaara

Imhotep is back, but he’s up against a true sand master! Gaara doesn’t pull any punches when he fights and Imhotep won’t have any time to counter. Gaara’s sand attacks are fast enough to track down almost any opponent and one good hit will crush Imhotep. He doesn’t have any defenses against a true sand assault. Gaara wins.

Ulquiorra vs Gaara

Ulquiorra is an immensely powerful Espada and one good laser blast could take Gaara down in an instant. Ulquiorra can speedblitz Gaara with ease and also blow up the planet in a single shot. Gaara has his sand to defend himself with, but it won’t be enough to stop someone as powerful as Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra wins.

Gaara vs Frieza

Frieza has his death beam attack and one good shot would be enough to take down Gaara. Gaara’s sand moves at a pretty high speed, but it just won’t be enough to stop such a powerful opponent. Frieza is immensely powerful and his speed is also far too great for Gaara to stop him. This is one match that the sand master can’t win. Frieza wins.

Ram (Dead Island) vs Gaara

Ram (Dead Island) is pretty tough, but not quite fast enough to take down Gaara. Gaara has mastery over sand and with his impressive abilities he has taken down many fighters. They just weren’t a match for him this time. Gaara rises up the ranks with this win, but he’ll be back. Gaara wins.

Sharktopus vs Gaara

Sharktopus is back and this time he’s up against the Master of sand! Gaara has taken many opponents down with his sand and will continue to beat more in the future! Sharktopus may be a quick fighter, but one Sand Tsunami would knock the fight out of him. Gaara is just far too powerful. Gaara wins.

Naruto vs Gaara

Naruto is back with an even bigger classic than last time! Gaara and Naruto are both Jinjuriki and for a while were the only notable ones. Shukaku may be a lot weaker than The Nine Tailed Fox, but Gaara made up for it since he was way stronger than Naruto when they first met. Of course things have changed.

It’s been years since they fought, but if they fought again it’s safe to say that Gaara would be beyond doomed! For starters Naruto’s faster and stronger than Gaara. Plus Naruto has a better array of jutsu that can do far more damage than anything Gaara can throw at him.

While Gaara hasn’t improved much in a while, Naruto’s been getting stronger and stronger. Gaara may have turned to the side of the heroes, but Naruto’s always been on that side and has a slight head start on him. Gaara loses this round, but he’ll be back. Naruto wins.

Fanfic version below

Gaara vs Shigure

Shigure was one of the first characters to fight Gaara. Of course he met with an untimely end. He just wasn’t strong enough to take down Gaara. Gaara is the master of sand and could use his awesome powers to take down Shigure in an instant. Shigure never knew what hit him in this one. Gaara wins.