Demitri Maximoff vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Demitri Maximoff is a powerful vampire who can fire off energy blasts and has some good speed. He’s well known for hypnosis but that’s not going to work on Thor. Thor’s mighty Mjolnir will lead him to victory here and his raw power is far greater than Demitri’s. Thor should also be able to keep up in speed even if Demitri has the slight edge there. Ultimately Demitri isn’t as balanced a fighter and will fall here. Thor wins.

Demitri Maximoff vs Gaara

Suggested by iKnowledge Demitri Maximoff is a powerful fighter with speed and power. He’s the complete package here which means he should not be underestimated. That being said, Gaara has his absolute defense which should give him a solid advantage here. He can attack in an instant from any direction. I don’t believe Demitri is quick enough to overcome that. Gaara’s sand mastery is just too advanced. Gaara wins.