Toph vs Bumi (Earth)

Suggested by Eric This is a pretty close battle between two Earth masters. Bumi has a lot of power and experience on his side, but Toph is quick and also has significant metal abilities. It’s a close spar, but I think Bumi’s age will seriously work against him here. He will have a tough time keeping up with Toph. Her speed would likely be the advantage that she needed in order to claim victory here. Toph wins.

Kuvira vs Toph

Suggested by Eric Kuvira and Toph are both very skilled at manipulating the ground and metal. Toph is heavily implied to be a supreme user of these forces in her prime, but we never got to see that. We got to see her as a kid and then as an old woman. Neither of these forms would be able to contend with Kuvira’s sheer speed. Until I see something a little more impressive from Toph, I just don’t think she has what it takes to win here. Kuvira wins.

Toph vs Gaara

Suggested by Eric Toph is pretty good at manipulating the sand and the ground around him. He’s an adept fighter who only got better as the series progressed while Gaara’s abilities stalled once Shippuden hit. Still, he had enough power by that point where I would still give him the edge. His lack of mobility is concerning but with how fast the sand moves and how much of it Gaara can control, he should be okay. He also did get quite a bit faster in his partially merged Tailed Beast state so that helps a lot as well. He is still the sand master. Gaara wins.

Terra (TT) vs Toph

Terra and Toph both have some pretty good control over the Earth. Toph has extended this ability to work for sand and metal, but Terra has just focused on improving her rock abilities. I think Terra would have the edge in this round, since her hand to hand skills aren’t bad when mixed with the rocks. Not to mention that she got some battle armor thanks to Slade. Toph may be a little out of her league in this round, but it would be a good fight. Terra wins.