Kuvira vs Toph

Suggested by Eric Kuvira and Toph are both very skilled at manipulating the ground and metal. Toph is heavily implied to be a supreme user of these forces in her prime, but we never got to see that. We got to see her as a kid and then as an old woman. Neither of these forms would be able to contend with Kuvira’s sheer speed. Until I see something a little more impressive from Toph, I just don’t think she has what it takes to win here. Kuvira wins.

Azula vs Kuvira

Suggested by Eric Both of these fighters are very skilled, but there can only be one winner. Kuvira’s metal bending abilities are poorly matched against Azula’s lightning style. A hit will deal incredible damage so Kuvira will have to fight without her armor which will make her more susceptible to Azula’s fire abilities. The fact that Azula can use both forms of magic and at such a high level is really what makes this fight impossible to win for Kuvira. She won’t be able to keep up. Azula wins.

Kuvira vs Ozai

Suggested by Eric Kuvira is a metal master who is very adept at manipulating it to her will. She can tie opponents up with the metal or hit them with direct attacks. Unfortunately this matchup does not work in her favor as Ozai’s incredible fire abilities will completely nullify any advantage that she may have had. Any metal that she tries to use will be easily melted by his attacks and Ozai also has a lot of physical power to fall back on. Ozai wins.