Kingler vs Terra (TT)

Suggested by Sonic Terra is a skilled rock user although the elements are not in her favor in this round. Kingler is a water type so the rocks won’t have quite the same effect on him. Additionally, he knows a whole variety of moves that are great from long range which will hurt Terra since that is usually her specialty. She will have a hard time keeping up with this Pokemon. His claws will shred any rocks that come his way and he’s also fast enough to stay one step ahead of Terra the whole time. Kingler wins.

Terra (TT) vs Toph

Terra and Toph both have some pretty good control over the Earth. Toph has extended this ability to work for sand and metal, but Terra has just focused on improving her rock abilities. I think Terra would have the edge in this round, since her hand to hand skills aren’t bad when mixed with the rocks. Not to mention that she got some battle armor thanks to Slade. Toph may be a little out of her league in this round, but it would be a good fight. Terra wins.

Green Lantern (Stewart) vs Terra (TT)

Green Lantern (Stewart) is a pretty tough fighter and could take Terra out in the blink of an eye. All he needs is a good energy blast to take out Terra in one hit. Terra (TT) may have rocks, but in the end they won’t be able to do much to a guy of Green Lantern (Stewart)’s abilities. Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.

Slade vs Terra (TT)

Slade is back and he’s back to pwn. He has some mild super strength which helps a lot since he’s an expert at hand to hand skills. Terra has regeneration, but that won’t help too much when she’s being completely beaten by Slade. Slade’s just far better at fighting than Terra. She needs her rocks too much. Slade wins.

Anguirus vs Terra (TT)

Terra (TT) can manipulate rocks. A pretty impressive ability to say the least. Anguirus just didn’t have a chance in a match like that. He may have some sound vibrations, but in the end he can’t beat Terra (TT). Terra (TT) just has too much experience and powers always helps in fights like these. Terra (TT) wins.