Oliver (Promised Neverland) vs Green Lantern (Stewart)

This is a tribute to Green Lantern: Beware my Power. Green Lantern was able to go with the flow fairly quick and made the most out of his GL Power Ring. Oliver may be a good leader but in the end he won’t be quite strong enough to take GL down. The constructs are just too powerful and versatile to easily be overpowered like that. A gun isn’t going to do anything here. Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.

Power Girl vs Green Lantern (Stewart)

Suggested by Sonic Power Girl is a powerful fighter who is on Supergirl’s level. While John has a really great amount of willpower at his disposal, it just won’t be enough for his constructs to try and endure her blows. Power Girl will ultimately punch through any defense he is able to generate and then some. Additionally she is fast enough to also dodge his attacks. Power Girl wins.

Green Lantern (Stewart) vs Link

Suggested by Destroyer John Stewart is one of the more powerful Green Lanterns out there. He has enough willpower to create just about anything and also has army experience that backs up his hand to hand combat skills. That said, he’s not going to be defeating Link here. Link is the chosen hero of Hyrule and has amassed a whole lot of wins and skills over the years. He’s just on a different level at this point. Link wins.

Black Doom vs Green Lantern (Stewart)

Black Doom was one of the fiercest Sonic villains who ever appeared, but that could have been due to the fact that he was really a Shadow villain. His darkness abilities were certainly impressive, but what hurts him is his lack of speed. GL is likely faster and his constructs would quickly weak Black Doom. Stewart wins in a battle of endurance and his Willpower shall not falter. After all, he does have his military experience to fall back on! Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.

Human Flame vs Green Lantern (Stewart)

The Human Flame is a pretty powerful opponent, but Green Lantern (Stewart) can defeat him. John Stewart has his GL Power Ring which can be used for many different forms of battle. Long range is always the best way to use it and he will defeat the Human Flame in this round. Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.

Hro Talak vs Green Lantern (Stewart)

Green Lantern (Stewart) has his GL ring which tips the scales massively in his favor. Hro Talek is tough and all, but he’s definitely outclassed. His weapon is tough, but GL can make just about anything he wants. Hro Talak may have lost this round, but at least he’s on the blog now. Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.

Green Lantern (Stewart) vs Terra (TT)

Green Lantern (Stewart) is a pretty tough fighter and could take Terra out in the blink of an eye. All he needs is a good energy blast to take out Terra in one hit. Terra (TT) may have rocks, but in the end they won’t be able to do much to a guy of Green Lantern (Stewart)’s abilities. Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.

Green Lantern (Stewart) vs Flash

Another close fight. This is also the final match of the arc. Flash has super speed which he can use to overwhelm most opponents. I like to think that Green Lantern would be smart and make something to stop him. Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.

Martian Manhunter vs Green Lantern (Stewart)

Green Lantern (Stewart) has his lantern ring and with it nothing can stand in his way. The raw power that Green Lantern has is so much that few can stop him. His will is just too strong in the end and that’s what gives him the match. Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.

Hawkgirl vs Green Lantern (Stewart)

Green Lantern (Stewart) has his power ring, and with it he could defeat Hawkgirl with ease. Hawkgirl can fight, but not enough to win. Green Lantern (Stewart) is one of the stronger league members and wins this fight. Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.