Oliver (Promised Neverland) vs Green Lantern (Stewart)

This is a tribute to Green Lantern: Beware my Power. Green Lantern was able to go with the flow fairly quick and made the most out of his GL Power Ring. Oliver may be a good leader but in the end he won’t be quite strong enough to take GL down. The constructs are just too powerful and versatile to easily be overpowered like that. A gun isn’t going to do anything here. Green Lantern (Stewart) wins.

Ray (Promised Neverland) vs Oliver (Promised Neverland)

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a double debut here for kids who had to try and survive in a rather tough environment. Oliver is a little older which definitely helps him out a lot and additionally he is a little more agile. Ray is tough in his own right but I would say Oliver still has the decisive edge here. This doesn’t give Ray a lot of room for a counter attack and so I think he would lose in the end. Oliver (Promised Neverland) wins.