Dark Gaia vs Hao

Suggested by Sonic Dark Gaia is pretty powerful. The guy was able to give Super Sonic a run for his money after all. That being said, he is not going to be ready for Hao. Hao has his own Spirit of Fire and more than enough speed to dodge Dark Gaia’s attacks. Gaia’s main weakness here is really just the fact that he’s a big target with no escape options. Hao wins.

Dark Gaia vs Chunk

The Dark Gaia has powers that are pretty much beyond comprehension. The Chunk has his gun at the ready, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to take on this guy. The Dark Gaia has gone up against Sonic in the past which is serious props. The Chunk couldn’t defeat such an opponent. Dark Gaia wins.

Astro Boy vs Dark Gaia

Astro Boy is back and this time he’s fighting the Dark Gaia. Dark Gaia has fought guys like Sonic in the past so we know that he’s tough, the question is…can he beat Astro Boy? I don’t think so, Astro Boy’s speed would keep him safe while he hits Dark Gaia with a barrage of attacks. Astro Boy wins.

Dark Gaia vs Darkside (KH)

Darkside (KH) is a tough KH character and has fought with Sora on many occasions. Of course Dark Gaia has enough power to shatter whole planets. His power is awesome and there are few who can defeat him. Darkside (KH) loses this match, but one day he will be back to pwn. Dark Gaia wins.

Dark Gaia vs Iblis

Dark Gaia is easily one of the strongest Sonic final bosses of all time, but Iblis has Solaris. In Solaris form not even Dark Gaia can win this match. Dark Gaia drops down the blog rankings, while Iblis moves up. They will both be back soon, and this time they may both go up. Iblis wins.

The BioLizard vs Dark Gaia

The BioLizard and Dark Gaia are too supremely powerful beings. The BioLizard can shoot lots of lasers, but the Dark Gaia has a barrier to block the attacks. From there Dark Gaia would use it’s incredible super strength to take down The BioLizard. Dark Gaia wins.